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Jimmys Bait Co products are process reformed and made from 100% bait protein. We source proven ingredients for our formulations KINA, SQUID,BONITO.

Pre-cut, uniform sizing, No Mess, No Refrigeration, Long Life, Easy to use

Jimmys specialise in bait formulations that are specific to the fish dietry needs. On contact with the salt water, will start a slow dissolving reaction releasing finely emulsified protein and natural scents to stimulate your fishes feeding sensors.


Sabiki Baits for Live baits - small (4mm) precut bait pieces made of real skipjack tuna (bonito). Will catch most livebait species.

JIMMYS BAIT NUGGETS 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

The Medium Sized Pellets (8mm) are good for small to medium salt water species like Tarakihi, Kahawai, Trevally 10mm are ideal for Slow Jigs, and 12mm for Flasher Rigs.

JIMMYS PRECUT BAIT TAILS - 24 precut bait strips- Made as a standard bait strip for general boat fishing for all target species. Tails can also be used with a bare hook for surfcasting and rock fishing.

JIMMYS BAIT POWER SHOT FOR SLOW JIGS / MICRO JIGS / SOFT PLASTICS / SQUID JIGS- slow dissolving bait scent pellet to give you 20-30% better performance from your lures with added scent release.

Manufactured in Nelson, New Zealand by Jimmys Bait Co Ltd

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