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  • How did JIMMYS BAIT evolve?

     Jimmy seen here with his HUGE 131cm KINGFISH Caught at Durville Island using 6kg gear, what a work out!

    Bait available at ALL Burnsco stores nationwide.

    Proud to be in the top 3 finalists for most innovative product at 2014 Hutchwilco Boat show.

    Jimmys Bait Company reforms bait products making them more user friendly.

    The concept came about 12 years ago when Jim Jobe wanted to see if he could produce a uniform bait product with better or equal holding ability than standard fishbait. 20 years in the industry has taught Jim that fish such as snapper weren't about to change their feeding habits overnight, so sticking to the basics was essential. Tried and true raw materials that have proven catching ability were needed; skipjack tuna, squid, kina and crab as it happens were available in berley-grade and at a low cost.  

    *It's biggest potential selling points are that it is almost odourless in its dehydrated state, lasts indefinitely in its blister packaging and comes in the right sizes specifically for certain hooks, taking away the mess and need for sharp knives and a refrigerator.

    *The magic of the product is that the baits start releasing an outer layer as the moisture is taken in, but they stay very firm on the hook inside, giving the fisherman about 15-20 minutes of fishing time, before needing to replace bait.

    Our first production was a range of 5mm and 8mm bait pellets that are marketed as the BAIT BULLET, and now brand NEW to this years boat show being released for the very FIRST time are our BAIT TAILS. These bigger tail shaped pieces of bait are ideal for 3,0 -5,0 standard flasher rigs for general salt water fishing.  By using bi-product familiar to the dietary needs of species targeted, we have the added advantage in matching bait to fish. Eg. Gurnard with crab, Blue Cod with Kina and Snapper with Squid.  

    We believe it is a first for the fish bait industry and innovative because it has revolutionized the way we traditionally use bait for fishing.  It is the dream of one keen fisherman's persistent testing and formula researching of his own merit to come up with the perfect recipe, while also giving it the advantage of anyone being able to use it. 

    Jimmys Bait differs from our competitors because of the unique way we manufacture the product with 7 steps (with ingredients changed and added along the way to get a better result when fishing). We first source quality bi-product, put it through an emulsifying process before formulating, extruding, cutting and shaping, dehydrating and finally air tight blister packaging the bait, ready to hang on the shelves of customers shop walls. No Need for a refrigerator or freezer unlike our competitors products.

    Jimmys Bait with ongoing support from Fish and Game has proved very popular with Nationwide Kids Fish Out days, where we have sponsored kids with our bait bullet product. It has proven to increase the catch rate for many first time young anglers, introducing them to the fun of fishing. We are hoping the NEW Bait Tails will prove the same with Boat Fishing, especially with those wanting a fishing experience with a no mess, clean product already pre-cut to size. 

    Jimmys Bait will change the way people fish due to its cleanliness and convenience allowing people to be able to throw a packet in their tackle box, and not worry about bait freezer space, throwing away unused wasted bait, and getting that smelly fishbait stink off their hands and boats. Good for Caravan, Yacht, Batches, and Boat owners wanting a true fishing experience without the mess and fuss.



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