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    24 January at 10:00 from atlas

    "We have used Jimmys Bait Bullets at all our Kids Fishout days. They have proved to be very easy for the kids and parents to use, and also very effective, both trout and salmon love them" Ian Kearney -Sports Fishing for Youth Charitable Trust May 2013

    Big Snapper caught through Christmas, Summer and Easter in Auckland  caught with fresh Jacks, courteous of Jimmy's Bait Bullets! (really!) Put them all back so not sure how heavy but I reckon the last one went over 20lb easy

    Hamish Waterhouse - April 2013

    Got some Live Baits on the bullets last week, so they ARE THE BUSINESS!' Bay Fisher Magazine

    "Live Bait are an integral part of our operation and exceedingly important to catch. We have had some great results from the Bonito flavoured Bullet, really happy with the product' Rick Pollock, Charter Fisherman, Tauranga

    "Jimmys Bait Bullets are ideal for use with sabiki rigs, especially wihen the mackerel are not biting well, they are also ideal for Mum & Dad taking the kids fishing off the wharf" Grant Dixon - Fishing News

    "Jimmys Bait Bullets are GREAT! they work even on trout in the lower Selwyn as I have seen photos of fish caught on them. Surprisingly on the squid version. I will stock more . Pete Hart Hornby Sports & Outdoors


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