"My Business Background"

I began my career in the Fish Bait Industry when I was 23.
I worked for two bait distribution companies, Bream Bay Distributors in Mairangi Bay and Penguin Wholesalers in Northland.
For a young fishing fanatic looking for a promising career I had felt I landed my dream job, it was seasonally demanding physically with the added bonus of being able to talk fishing 24/7.
Like most jobs I started at the bottom, PACKING PILCHARDS BY THE TONNES !
I progressed onto Van sales which made me appreciate customer / supplier interaction.
I was Involved with new product developments eg. Commercial burley production, launching salted bait products to the market and finally managing the Auckland and national distribution for Penguin Wholesalers.

After 20 years in the bait business I needed a new challenge and started the Jimmys Bait Company.

" The Idea"

Take bait protein bi-product  (Bonito, Squid, Kina, and Crab) and produce a formula base that has the ability to extrude and reform. 

                       PEACE OF CAKE !



" Research "

Great ideas come easily but turning an idea into a marketable product takes time, effort and funding.

It has taken 1000s of hours of researching information to begin this project.
Giving me inspiration where companies such as BERKLEY making Gulp formula's, PRO CURE making Secret Sauce Formulas and CC Moore who are a large producer of Boilie products. 

My advantages -  I new my bait proteins and how they stimulated fish.
My disadvantages -  I had no food chemistry background other than research from the internet.

In the early stages the internet provided most of the information required to start formula bases, I also had valuable communication with industrial food chemist companies. After trialing many formula's I found a combination of ingredients that gave me the properties I required and went about producing what you see now Jimmys Bait products. 

" Success and Failures "

For every successful formula there's another fifty failures that went in the bin

  When you finally nail the formula you wanted it's a eureka moment !



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